What is Pressure Sensor?

  Diesel vehicles need to mix high pressure diesel fuel with high pressure air in order to burn their fuel. The diesel fuel coming from the fuel pump is increased up to 2500 bar pressure thanks to the high pressure pump and sent to the injectors. The fuel pressure of each vehicle is specially adjusted. For this adjustment mechanism to work, the pressure of the fuel going to the injectors with the pressure pump must always be measured. The pressure sensor is located just after the fuel pump, in the fuel pipe or in front of the injectors. When pressurized liquid passes over it, it sends a volt value in the range of 0-5 volts to the electronic management center of the vehicle, called ECU. The center processes the incoming information and ensures that the fuel reaches the cylinders if it is at the right pressure for combustion. Pressure sensors play a very important role in the healthy operation of engines. If the information from the sensor is not correctly identified, the ECU